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When: Friday, January 11 - Tuesday, January 15, 2013, (an Opening Reception will be held on Friday, January 11, 2013 from 6 - 9 p.m.).  The public is invited to attend.

What: The Winter Exhibition, in it’s thirteenth year, will feature original artwork by Stephen Chesley, Mike Williams, Edward Wimberly, and 
David Yaghjian. 

Where: Gallery 80808 / Vista Studios
             808 Lady Street 
             Columbia, SC  29201
             phone: 803-252-6134

For more information please visit their website at:

Stephen Chesley

Mike Williams

Ed Wimberly

David Yaghjian

When: Friday, January 11 - Tuesday, January 15, 2013, (an Opening Reception will be held on Friday, January 11, 2013 from 6 - 9 p.m.).  The public is invited to attend.

What: The Winter Exhibition, in it’s thirteenth year, will feature original artwork by Stephen Chesley, Mike Williams, Edward Wimberly, and 
David Yaghjian. 

Where: Gallery 80808 / Vista Studios
             808 Lady Street 
             Columbia, SC  29201
             phone: 803-252-6134

For more information please visit their website at:

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Midlands Clay Arts Society's 12th Annual Holiday SALE!!!

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 29, 5pm-8pm. The public is invited.
Thursday, November 29: 12pm-8pm

Friday, November 30: 12pm-8pm
Saturday, December 1: 12pm-4pm
Sunday, December 2: 12pm-4pm

For more info contact: Adele Thornhill or 201-839-6386

The Midlands Clay Arts Society’s 12th Annual Holiday Sale features one-of-a-kind, handmade gifts by South Carolina based ceramic artists. It is a much anticipated opportunity to view and purchase unique, original, works of art, from whimsical sculptures to classic functional pieces, decorative accessories, and everything in between.

The event takes place at Gallery 80808 at 808 Lady Street, Columbia SC 29201. The sale takes place over four days: Thursday, November 29, 12pm-8pm; Friday, November 30, 12pm-8pm; Saturday, December 1, 12pm-4pm; and Sunday, December 2, 12pm-4pm. Admission is free; cash and checks only are accepted.

An opening reception will be held at Gallery 80808 from 5pm to 8pm on Thursday, November 29. The public is invited.

MCAS was organized in 1987 to foster fellowship, education and creativity among local potters and clay artists and to promote appreciation of all things made from clay.

If you would like more information about the sale, contact Adele Thornhill at or 201-839-6386 or visit the MCAS Facebook page at

Artist names:
Adele Thornhill Alice Klaas Anne Schultz Barbara Mitchell Becky Leonard Betsy Kaemmerlen Dawn Caldwell Jeannie Lindler Margaret Arial Mary Lou Price Mary Lou Wu Pam Bailey Patz and Mike Fowle Renee Rouillier Rick Shackleford Rita Ruth Cockrell Susan Kennedy Susan Tondreau-Dwyer Susanne Sievers Suzy Shealy Teresa Tipton Terry Meek Tim Graham Tuula Widdifield

Adele Thornhill

Alice Klass

Betsy Kaemmerlen

Jeannie Lindler

Mary Lou Wu

Pam Bailey

Patz Fowle

Rick Shackelford

Susan Kennedy

Susan Tondreau-Dwyer

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Season’s Harvest: Recent Works by Vista Studio Artists

Vista Studio’s 13 resident artists invite the public to view “Season’s Harvest: Recent Works by Vista Studios Artists”, which will be on display November 8- 27, 2012. There will be an opening on the 15th, from 5-9pm, during the Vista Lights Celebration. Come see our new exhibition at Vista Studios/Gallery 80808 located at 808 Lady Street in the Vista. The artists will have their studios open for you to get a look at their newest work and processes.
Non-objective painter, Ethel Brody, continues experimenting with structure and color. Taking visual clues from her daily life, she creates colorful, highly organized compositions with strong graphic qualities.

Stephen Chesley will have a current piece reflecting his well-known poetic realism documenting the diminishing asset of solitude and historic romanticism in the south.

 Pat Gilmartin will be showing her newest ceramic sculptures. They include a pair of works comprising multiple faces mounted on a background; each face is unique and individually formed. Lit from above, they create dramatic shadows that become as much a part of the art as the faces themselves. The pieces are entitled "Echoing Shadows." Gilmartin has also continued to explore her series of blocky, abstracted figures and will have several new ones to show during Vista Lights.

Fiber artist, Susan Lenz, will collaborate with Jeff Donovan on a piece that will be presented with several title options with the final naming to be determined by popular vote at the end of the evening, November 15th. They will then christen the artwork, complete with at least one bottle of champagne. Susan will also be displaying some of her new experimental fiber & epoxy pieces reflecting the surface of wet sand.

Sharon Collings Licata, sculptor, will exhibit works using Orange Utah Alabaster. One of her pieces is titled “Two Faced II”.  Again the orange faces speak… It's up to viewer to decide what each side has to say.

In All the In Between: My Story of Agnes, visual artist Laurie Brownell McIntosh uses more than 70 painted panels to tell the cradle-to-grave story of her late mother, Agnes Smith Brownell. A scientist, artist, doctor’s wife, and mother, Agnes approached life with a kind of candor and pragmatism that left little room for sentimentality. From telling her thirsty and whining children to “swallow their spit,” to tending to her dying husband, to orchestrating a life of ritual in her widowhood, Agnes was a force to be reckoned with, eliciting emotions from her youngest daughter that were equal parts fear, reverence, and love. 

Kirkland Smith has collaborated with the CotA Arts Fellowship and Church of the Apostles members to create a pastoral Assemblage triptych, 15 feet wide and 5 feet high at the center point. Using everyday post-consumer objects collected by church members and the community at large, the scenes depict the life of Christ in a stylized way, representative of stained glass.

Laura Spong moves into the celebration of Fall for the Vista Lights show in Gallery 80808. She says she always seems to use browns, reds and yellow in the Fall. This is noticeable in, for instance, The Day Pauses Between What Is And What Was."

Artists Heidi-Darr Hope, Robert Kennedy, Michel McNinch, and David Yaghjian will also present new work and open their studios at Vista Studios. The exhibition will be from November 8-27th. Gallery hours are weekdays 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and weekends 1-4 p.m.  Please call the Gallery 80808 at 803-252-6134 to confirm hours. The website is:

Friday, September 28, 2012

All the In Between; My Story of Agnes / Laurie B. McIntosh

All the In Between; My Story of Agnes
Laurie B. McIntosh 

An Exhibition of Paintings Telling the Cradle to Grave Story of a Life Well Lived.

Friday, October 19 - Opening Reception
October 19-November 6 - Exhibition
Sunday, October 21 - Exhibition Book Signing and Reading

Vista Studios/Gallery 80808
808 Lady Street
Columbia, SC 29201

In All the In Between: My Story of Agnes, visual artist Laurie Brownell McIntosh uses more than 70 painted panels to tell the cradle-to-grave story of her late mother, Agnes Smith Brownell. A scientist, artist, doctor’s wife, and mother, Agnes approached life with a kind of candor and pragmatism that left little room for sentimentality. From telling her thirsty and whining children to “swallow their spit,” to tending to her dying husband, to orchestrating a life of ritual in her widowhood, Agnes was a force to be reckoned with, eliciting emotions from her youngest daughter that were equal parts fear, reverence, and love.

All the In Between: My Story of Agnes is a eulogy, a memorial, a work of art, and a kind of tribute that validates everything between the first and last breaths of a life well lived. There are no heroes or heroines in the story; no parables; no broken hearts or drama; no secrets to take to the grave. Yet the story is extraordinary in its simplicity. By capturing images of her mother’s life through the intimacy of her own interpretations, McIntosh allows her readers a rare kind of insight to the life of a stranger made close and personal for us through the nuance of her daughter’s familiarity. Yet, she does so without folly. Using paintings that are honest and straight forward, yet beautiful and tender, she tells the tale of her mother’s life with the kind of dignity that would have made Agnes proud.

The book, All the In Between:  My Story of Agnes by Laurie B. McIntosh will be available online October 19, 2012 at and, (signed) at

For more information, please contact 
Laurie McIntosh

Sunday, September 23, 2012


if ART Gallery
Gallery 80808/Vista Studios
808 Lady St., Columbia, SC 29201

The International (Mural) Project

A Group Exhibition & Mural Project Featuring:

Roland Albert, Stephen Chesley, Jeff Donovan, Ralph Gelbert, Mary Gilkerson, Tonya Gregg, Klaus Hartmann, Jorg Heieck, Peter Lenzo, Reiner Mahrlein, Janet Orselli, Anna Redwine, Silvia Rudolf, Laura Spong, H. Brown Thornton, Mike Williams
& David Yaghjian

October 4 – 16, 2012
Artists’ Reception: Friday, October 5, 2012, 5:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Panel Discussion about the Columbia/Kaiserslautern Artists Exchange: Sunday, October 7, 2:00 p.m.

Gallery Hours: Weekdays, 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.; Sat., 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.; Sun., 1 – 5 p.m.
& by appointment
Contact Wim Roefs at if ART: (803) 238-2351 –

For more than a decade, Columbia, S.C., artists and those of the Kunstlerwerkgemeinschaft (KWG) in Columbia’s German sister city of Kaiserslautern have been going back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean. Columbians Mike Williams, Stephen Chesley, Jeff Donovan, David Yaghjian, Tonya Gregg, Laura Spong and others went to Kaiserslautern to work and exhibit. KWG members Roland Albert, Ralph Gelbert, Klaus Hartmann, Reiner Mahrlein and Silvia Rudolf came to Columbia, and their work graces the walls and backyards of many a local home. During their Kaiserslautern visit last year, Donovan and Yaghjian even ran into a City of Columbia delegation headed by mayor Steve Benjamin.
The informal artists exchange’s next installment is Columbia/Kaiserslautern: The International (Mural) Project, an if ART Gallery exhibition at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios, Columbia, S.C. Seventeen artists – six German, nine from Columbia and two formerly of Columbia – will participate in the event, which will consist, first, of the creation of a collective mural and, second, the exhibition.
Two Kaiserslautern and nine Columbia artists collectively will create a mural at Vista Studios between September 29 – October 5. The mural will be on a patchwork of canvas pieces mounted to a wall as one single work of art. The German mural participants are Hartmann and Rudolf; the Columbia artists will be Chesley, Donovan, Mary Gilkerson, Gregg, Peter Lenzo, Anna Redwine, Spong, Williams and Yaghjian. The mural will be the centerpiece of the Columbia / Kaiserslautern exhibition.
“It’ll be interesting to see how the mural turns out,” said if ART owner Wim Roefs, who is organizing the event. “These are artists with often rather different approaches and styles. On the other hand, they all have great affinity for each other’s work and all are talented and assured in their own abilities, so I suspect they will work to compliment each others’ contributions rather than artistically fight each other. I wouldn’t be surprised we if we were to end up with a work of art in which the various styles are beautifully integrated.”
All mural artists also will be showing individual works in the exhibition, which will run October 5 – 16, 2012, opening with a reception on October 5, 5:00 – 9:00 p.m. Others participating in the exhibition are Kaiserslautern artists Roland Albert, Ralph Gelbert, Reiner Mahrlein and Jorg Heieck; Aiken, S.C., artist H. Brown Thornton; and Columbus, N.C., artist Janet Orselli, who is a Columbia native.
On Sunday, October 7, 2:00 p.m., during a panel discussion, participants in the Columbia-Kaiserslautern exchange will talk about their experiences. “Columbia artists typically come back highly energized from their trips to Kaiserslautern,” said Roefs, who has visited Kaiserslautern several times. “The KWG, which has it’s own collective studio, is a vibrant group or artists that also includes literary and performing artists. It’s a membership-by-invitation-only club and its members are highly respected, serious artists who have organizational talents to boot. It’s an inspiring combination.”
The collective mural will be shipped to Kaiserslautern after the exhibition. In Kaiserslautern, the mural first will be exhibited in its original form. Next, KWG members will add to the mural, exhibit the new version and then ship it back to Columbia. 
“It should be good week,” Roefs said of Hartmann’s and Rudolf’s visit. “Silvia and Klaus will be working here alongside their Columbia peers. Artists will be going in an out of Vista Studios, working on the mural, exchanging ideas, drinking coffee. We’ll have a series of luncheons and dinners, and I am sure everyone will come out of the week energized.”

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jonathan K. Callicut: FULL CIRCLE


Columbia, SC, September 2012 Two dimensional mixed-media artist Jonathan Callicutt will hold the opening for his solo show Full Circle at Vista Studios Gallery 80808 on the evenings of September 28th and 29th    6-9pm each night.  The exhibition will be open from September 27th until October 2nd, no invitation required, all are welcome.
“My work is driven by a need to bring the iconic imagery of the past into the visual present. Inflected by both the Renaissance and Rauschenberg, pop culture and formal training, I look for a new translation of seemingly disparate styles in a modern dialect.”
Full Circle has been conceived as a tying together of key thematic elements of Callicutt’s life. A native of Columbia and exhibitor in 2011’s Florence Biennale, the artist hopes to join his experience with the birthplace of the Renaissance to this show in the city of his origins as an artist. The past connects to the present connects to the past, Full Circle.
Vista Studios Gallery 80808 is a long standing venue, originally developed by the Columbia Development Corporation and the South Carolina Arts Commission.  The space not only hosts local, regional and national shows but also houses working artist’s studios.  The gallery is located on 808 Lady Street in downtown Columbia, SC.  For more information, visit
Jonathan Callicutt trained at both the SC Governor’s School for the Arts and The University of Georgia’s BFA Printmaking programs.  His complex and densely layered mixed media pieces have been exhibited in Atlanta, Richmond, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Florence, Italy.  He currently lives and works in Decatur, GA. For more information, visit 
Jonathan Callicutt

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sharon Licata Presents.....

In Collaboration with the Arrangers of Dimension in Art

Sharon Licata Presents Sculpture in Bloom, an unusual collaborative exhibition combining the sculpture of Sharon Collings Licata and the floral artistry of arrangers from Dimension in Art, a Judges Study Group of the SC Garden Clubs, Inc. is scheduled for September 6-11, 2012. The show will be at Gallery 80808 of Vista Studios, 808 Lady Street in Columbia, SC, with an opening reception on the 6th from 4-8 pm. Gallery hours will be 11am-5pm daily.
The sculptor, Sharon Collings Licata of Vista Studios ( has invited the talented floral designers of Dimension in Art to each create an artistic arrangement as their response to one of her sculptures. Dimension in Art is a group of 25 Nationally Accredited Flower Show Judges (National Garden Club, Inc.) with members from Cayce, Chapin, Chester, Columbia, Greenwood, Florence, Hopkins, Johnston, Kershaw, Lexington, Santee and Sumter.  They meet monthly in Columbia to promote advanced creative expression through the study of experimentation in horticulture, floral design and allied arts.

Artistic designs of the floral arrangement type are purposely a temporary creative expression. As such, this work can be considered in the same artistic vein as more the recognized installation or performance art. However, this has not usually been the case. This exhibition will give visitors a chance to enjoy an art form that is rarely seen in a gallery setting. It is especially fascinating given the juxtaposition of responding to stone sculpture which has a classical history.
The designers are taking two different approaches to the sculptures. A number are doing an arrangement which incorporates the sculpture while others are creating a stand-alone design inspired by the stone work. Pat Abercrombie's red and black interaction with a large unfinished limestone sculpture will be the first to come into view as people approach Gallery 80808. Ruth Bowers will be combining a floral sea scape with the bronze sharks "Into the Deep" as Donna Donnelly works with the twists and turns of "Intertwined". Janice Hull takes on "Whirling Dervish" and all that it inspires. Helen Samantha Martin will have lots of Lighting flying around the alabaster piece "Thunder", while Marcia Montgomery will also be up in the air responding to "Blue Clouds Sailing". Joy Salter will be taking a look inside with "Inner Shelter" as Betty Smith works her way around "Twisted Lady". Pat Setzer will be dropping in on the southern hemisphere with her Aztec Artifact including the limestone sculpture "Ancient Eight". Standing Tall by Ann Yonce influenced by "Epiphany" will provide yet another way to look at sculpture.

 A web site has been created that the arrangers visited to choose the sculpture that most inspired them. Once they committed to a sculpture, the designer's  name was posted by that image with a notation that it is "taken". As of this date, Pat Abercrombie, Ruth Bowers, Donna Donnelly, Janice Hull, Sammy Martin, Marcia Montgomery, Joy Salter, Pat Setzer, Betty Smith, and Ann Yonce have made their selection.
We are excited to be offering an exhibition at Gallery 80808 that combines two different art forms to help "kick off' Columbia's Fall gallery season.   Please note that we are also collaborating with First Thursday on Main St. (also on September 6th) to create a major Art evening for the metro area.

Come see us early, (4-8 PM)  then head up to Main St. (6-9 PM).

Tapps Arts Center (1644 Main) - 
"Channeling Myself and Other Goddesses - Revival" by Michel McNinch
Frame of Mind (1520 Main) - "Finding Common Ground" by Nikolai Olskokov
Wine Down on Main (1520 Main) - Paintings by Lauren Maurer
Anastasia & Friends (1534 Main) - " Perpetuating the Myth" by Mathew Kramer
Weddings 101 (1537 Main) - "Uncork the Creativity In You" with Nathalie Gregg
S&S Art Supply (1633 Main) - "Emptied" by Gwen Pevonka
Plus a Cruise In with "Art in Motion" and much more.

Monday, August 20, 2012

8/24/12-09/04/12 FANTASTIC REALITY

Introducing: Diane Kilgore-Condon & Bob Trotman
Featuring: Jeff Donovan, Janet Orselli, Peter Lenzo, Philip Morsberger, Dorothy Netherland, David Yaghjian, Kees Salentijn & Marcelo Novo. 

Fantastic Reality, which will open at Columbia's Gallery 80808/Vista Studios with on Friday, August 24, with an artists' reception, 5 – 9 pm, and runs through September 4.

The exhibition will introduce two new artists to the gallery: Greenville's Diane Kilgore Condon and North Carolina's Bob Trotman.

The exhibition also will feature Columbia artists Jeff Donovan, Peter Lenzo and David Yaghjian; Charleston, S.C., artist Dorothy Netherland; former Columbia residents Janet Orselli and Marcelo Novo, now living in North Carolina and the Washington, D.C., area respectively; Philip Morsberger of Augusta, Ga.; and Dutch artist Kees Salentijn.  

Sunday, August 12, 2012



artists: 30 children from St. Lawrence Place Family Shelter, their work as taught by their art teacher Alia Schwartz in a 10 week program. The children range in ages 5-12. Alia Schwartz as well will be showing her art in the gallery.

When -Opening reception is 8/17/12 5:00-10:00
other times are by appointment 803 397-7193

The focus was better understanding ourselves as people and thus artists. a dream has to begin to be. We are learning how to value ourselves further and increase the potentialities of our dreams. These dreams are known, and unknown. Creation and creativity as well are known and unknown. The children with great vigor devoured these lessons and created many substantial works of art. Many of the projects are based in a collaborative effort. Working with one another to create and change matter has a greater effect than working  alone. When we realize our talents and can combine them with others talents, changes are possible. Progress is possible. Social change is necessary now. Social engagement is vital to this change. The endeavor of DREAM BIG! is just that. An opportunity for change, communication, and connections.

Contact Info:
Alia Schwartz
(803) 397-7193