Thursday, March 19, 2015

04/14/15 – 04/27/15 GOSSIP - Vista Studios Artists

There will be a teaser next  week when when the first 4 pieces are shown at the CMA Salon Series (Friday, March 27th at 12pm) and the Curran inspiration piece is revealed. The press release for the show is below.
Gossip  - April 15th-27th

Opening During Artista Vista:   April 23rd, from 5-9pm

Gallery hours are weekdays 10am-3pm and 
Weekends 1-4pm, or by appointment.

Please call Gallery 80808 at 803-252-6143 to confirm hours

Feeling creative, the artists at vista Studios/gallery 80808 decided to play a game. Based on the children’s game of Gossip, where a phrase is secretly passed from one player to the next, the artists have used visual art in place of words. Partnering with the Columbia Museum of Art, the curator, Will South, choose a piece from the Charles Curran exhibit which is currently on display. He shared this inspiration piece with first artist only, who was given 3 weeks to create a work of art and pass the new piece to the next artist. Each artist had 3 weeks to complete a work inspired from the image received.

The game has been in play since last Spring. None of the artists have seen the progression of work and are excited to share it at Artista Vista. Come to the opening April 23rd, from 5-9pm and see what happens when artists play around and get inspired.

In addition to the Gossip game, the artists will present other new work.

Stephen Chesley, well known for his semi-abstract paintings, will present some new landscape pieces for the show.

Pat Gilmartin has been exploring a new direction with her art - that of glass fusing, sometimes combining fused glass with glass mosaics. She will be showing several of her new pieces, as well as some of the figurative ceramic pieces that she has become known for over the past several years.

Susan Lenz will show a selection of matted and framed floral images, which are the result from literally pounding delicate wildflower blossoms onto 100% cotton rag mat board. Clover, verbena, and other wildflowers were gathered from the artist’s backyard. Pigment from the petals and leaves left realistic floral impressions, and each work was enhanced by only a few pencil lines. No watercolor or other technique was used.

Laurie McIntosh continues in her work in "Pages." an ongoing series of deconstructed paintings created with multiple layers of calligraphic marks and grounds. The deconstructed pages are then reassembled and unconventionally bound to create new visual relationships between the images.

Michel McNinch’s work continues to reflect the South Carolina landscape with an emphasis on atmosphere.  The Gossip theme inspired a larger work based on her participating piece in which she plays with the light on the water.

Eileen Blyth, Heidi Darr-Hope, Robert Kennedy, Sharon Licata, Kirkland Smith, Laura Spong, David Yaghjian will also present new work and be available to meet visitors to their studios during Artista Vista on April 23rd, from 5-9pm. The exhibition will be from April 15th-27th. Gallery hours are weekdays 10am-3pm and weekends 1-4pm, or by appointment. Please call Gallery 80808 at 803-252-6143 to confirm hours.  

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If you would like more information or hi-res images, please call 803-622-7838 or email

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

04/01/15 – 04/13/15 Joseph Kendrick MFA- 3d forms


Artist: Joseph Kendrick

Reception: Thursday April, 2nd 2015 6:00pm-9:00pm

Duration of show: April 1st-13th regular studio hours

Description of show: This exhibition will present words with multiple meanings in sculptural form. Visual cues, such as - but not limited to - color, positioning, and texture will direct the viewer to alternative and evocative interpretations.

It's going to be a very exciting time.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

03/18/15 – 03/23/15 Claire Farrell at Gallery 80808

“A is for Art and other Prints”

Mixed Media Monotypes by Claire Farrell
Artist’s Demonstration: 

Printing without a press, Thursday March 19 5:30 to 8PM. Wine will be served.

Open: March 19, 20, 23 10AM to 4PM 
Sat. March 21,10AM to 2PM
Sun., March 22, 12 to 2PM

An exhibition of mixed media monoprints by Claire Farrell will be held at Vista Studios Gallery 80808 from March 18 to  March 23. The show will include the series “A is for Art,” consisting of 26 mixed media monotypes, one for each letter in the alphabet. Additionally included will be monotypes inspired by architectural elements including the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and others. Techniques employed in these pieces include monotype, photo etching, drawing, collage, and chine collĂ©. While some of the artworks contain elements that may appear in others, Claire chooses to create only unique works, and each of these pieces is truly one of a kind.

While an etching press was used in most of the artworks included in this show, many opportunities exist for creating “prints” without using a press. In conjunction with the exhibition, a demonstration of hand printing techniques will by held by Claire from 5:30 PM to 8 PM on Thursday, March 19. Please join the artist and friends for a glass of wine at that time. 

Claire is an experienced painter and printmaker, with an advanced degree in Art Studio from the University of South Carolina. Additionally she has studied printmaking at Santa Raparata Art School in Florence, Italy and Penland School of Art in North Carolina. She maintains a studio at her home in Columbia and she works in a variety of media including mixed media printmaking and oil painting.