Friday, November 7, 2014


If Art (803-238-2351) will administer the sale of some of Ethel Brody's art during the Vista Lights celebration at Vista Studios / Gallery 80808, 808 Lady Street, on November 20, 5-9pm

Please visit these sites to read articles on the life of Ethel Brody.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Just Another Cliché - Nov 13-Dec 2 - Resident Artists of Vista Studios

Just  Another  Cliché  

November  13th - December  2nd 2014

Opening  Reception  and  Open  Studios  during  
Vista  Lights  on  the  November  20th,  from  5-9pm.  

The  cat  is  out  of  the  bag!  

The  long  and  short  of  it,  the  resident  artists  of  Vista  Studios  will  make  their  mark  by  exploring  the  idea  of  clichés.  Keeping  their  nose  to  the  grindstone,  the  artists  have  found  that  if  they  push  their  ideas  a  bit  further,  something  new  and  different  may  emerge.  

Feeling  a  bit  stuck  in  the  mud,  Heidi  Darr-  Hope  embraced  the  adage  nothing  ventured,  nothing  gained,  and  signed  up  for  a  weeklong  workshop,  Printmaking  as  Invention,  offered  at  the  Wildacres  Retreat  by  The  Ringling  School  of  Art  +  Design.  “It  was  more  fun  than  a  barrel  of  monkeys  and  I  fell  in  love  with  the  Monotype”  (a  kind  of  print  made  by  drawing  or  painting  on  a  smooth  non-  absorbent  surface).  After  painting,  searing,  wiping,  and  using  hand  cut  stencils  to  form  an  image  on  the  plate,  the  whole  thing  is  run  through  a  printing  press.  The  process  is  repeated  until  there  is  calm  within  the  storm.  

Pat  Gilmartin  continues  to  work  on  her  ceramic  figurative  sculptures,  extending  her  "Remember  or  Forget"  series,  adding  a  new  twist  by  using  animal  figures  to  interact  with  the  human  ones.  In  addition,  she  is  working  in  a  new  medium,  sand  casting  bas-relief  tiles.  The  tiles  can  be  used  indoors  or  out,  as  architectural  accents  for  the  home  or  garden.  

Susan  Lenz  has  gone  out  of  her  comfort  zone…the  twilight  zone,  as  the  inspiration  for  her  new  work. 

Laurie  McIntosh  continues  her  work  in  Pages,  an  ongoing  series  of  large,  deconstructed  paintings  created  with  multiple  layers  of  calligraphic  marks  and  grounds.  The  pages  are  then  reassembled  and  unconventionally  bound  to  create  new  visual  relationships  between  the  images.  

A  new  painting  by  Michel  McNinch  gives  the  saying,  “He  would  give  you  the  shirt  off  his  back”  a  fresh  look.  Her  use  of  color  and  technical  skill  will  knock  your  socks  off.  

Laura  Spong  says  of  the  show,  “This  has  been  so  much  fun  to  work  on!  We  have  had  many  laughs  about  the  titles  the  artists  have  come  up  with.  We  hope  everyone  else  has  as  good  a  time  at  the  show  as  we’ve  had  doing  it.”  

A  cardboard  sculpture,  Six  of  One,  Half  a  Dozen...  made  by  David  Yaghjian  will  have  you  scratching  your  head  as  he  poses  a  number  of  questions  about  balance.  

Eileen  Blyth,  Stephen  Chesley,  Robert  Kennedy,  Sharon  Licata,  and  Kirkland  Smith  will  also  present  new  work  and  be  available  to  meet  visitors  to  their  studios.  

Join  us  November  20th,  from  5-  9pm,  for  Vista  Lights  as  birds  of  a  feather  flock  together.  Remember,  there  is  more  than  one  way  to  skin  a  cat,  and  with  holiday  gift  giving  just  around  the  corner,  the  early  bird  catches  the  worm!  

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If  you  would  like  more  information  or  images,  please  call  803-622-7838  or  email  

Laurie McIntosh

Michel McNinch

Heidi Darr-Hope
Laura Spong

David Yaghjian

Susan Lenz