Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sharon Licata Presents.....

In Collaboration with the Arrangers of Dimension in Art

Sharon Licata Presents Sculpture in Bloom, an unusual collaborative exhibition combining the sculpture of Sharon Collings Licata and the floral artistry of arrangers from Dimension in Art, a Judges Study Group of the SC Garden Clubs, Inc. is scheduled for September 6-11, 2012. The show will be at Gallery 80808 of Vista Studios, 808 Lady Street in Columbia, SC, with an opening reception on the 6th from 4-8 pm. Gallery hours will be 11am-5pm daily.
The sculptor, Sharon Collings Licata of Vista Studios ( has invited the talented floral designers of Dimension in Art to each create an artistic arrangement as their response to one of her sculptures. Dimension in Art is a group of 25 Nationally Accredited Flower Show Judges (National Garden Club, Inc.) with members from Cayce, Chapin, Chester, Columbia, Greenwood, Florence, Hopkins, Johnston, Kershaw, Lexington, Santee and Sumter.  They meet monthly in Columbia to promote advanced creative expression through the study of experimentation in horticulture, floral design and allied arts.

Artistic designs of the floral arrangement type are purposely a temporary creative expression. As such, this work can be considered in the same artistic vein as more the recognized installation or performance art. However, this has not usually been the case. This exhibition will give visitors a chance to enjoy an art form that is rarely seen in a gallery setting. It is especially fascinating given the juxtaposition of responding to stone sculpture which has a classical history.
The designers are taking two different approaches to the sculptures. A number are doing an arrangement which incorporates the sculpture while others are creating a stand-alone design inspired by the stone work. Pat Abercrombie's red and black interaction with a large unfinished limestone sculpture will be the first to come into view as people approach Gallery 80808. Ruth Bowers will be combining a floral sea scape with the bronze sharks "Into the Deep" as Donna Donnelly works with the twists and turns of "Intertwined". Janice Hull takes on "Whirling Dervish" and all that it inspires. Helen Samantha Martin will have lots of Lighting flying around the alabaster piece "Thunder", while Marcia Montgomery will also be up in the air responding to "Blue Clouds Sailing". Joy Salter will be taking a look inside with "Inner Shelter" as Betty Smith works her way around "Twisted Lady". Pat Setzer will be dropping in on the southern hemisphere with her Aztec Artifact including the limestone sculpture "Ancient Eight". Standing Tall by Ann Yonce influenced by "Epiphany" will provide yet another way to look at sculpture.

 A web site has been created that the arrangers visited to choose the sculpture that most inspired them. Once they committed to a sculpture, the designer's  name was posted by that image with a notation that it is "taken". As of this date, Pat Abercrombie, Ruth Bowers, Donna Donnelly, Janice Hull, Sammy Martin, Marcia Montgomery, Joy Salter, Pat Setzer, Betty Smith, and Ann Yonce have made their selection.
We are excited to be offering an exhibition at Gallery 80808 that combines two different art forms to help "kick off' Columbia's Fall gallery season.   Please note that we are also collaborating with First Thursday on Main St. (also on September 6th) to create a major Art evening for the metro area.

Come see us early, (4-8 PM)  then head up to Main St. (6-9 PM).

Tapps Arts Center (1644 Main) - 
"Channeling Myself and Other Goddesses - Revival" by Michel McNinch
Frame of Mind (1520 Main) - "Finding Common Ground" by Nikolai Olskokov
Wine Down on Main (1520 Main) - Paintings by Lauren Maurer
Anastasia & Friends (1534 Main) - " Perpetuating the Myth" by Mathew Kramer
Weddings 101 (1537 Main) - "Uncork the Creativity In You" with Nathalie Gregg
S&S Art Supply (1633 Main) - "Emptied" by Gwen Pevonka
Plus a Cruise In with "Art in Motion" and much more.

Monday, August 20, 2012

8/24/12-09/04/12 FANTASTIC REALITY

Introducing: Diane Kilgore-Condon & Bob Trotman
Featuring: Jeff Donovan, Janet Orselli, Peter Lenzo, Philip Morsberger, Dorothy Netherland, David Yaghjian, Kees Salentijn & Marcelo Novo. 

Fantastic Reality, which will open at Columbia's Gallery 80808/Vista Studios with on Friday, August 24, with an artists' reception, 5 – 9 pm, and runs through September 4.

The exhibition will introduce two new artists to the gallery: Greenville's Diane Kilgore Condon and North Carolina's Bob Trotman.

The exhibition also will feature Columbia artists Jeff Donovan, Peter Lenzo and David Yaghjian; Charleston, S.C., artist Dorothy Netherland; former Columbia residents Janet Orselli and Marcelo Novo, now living in North Carolina and the Washington, D.C., area respectively; Philip Morsberger of Augusta, Ga.; and Dutch artist Kees Salentijn.  

Sunday, August 12, 2012



artists: 30 children from St. Lawrence Place Family Shelter, their work as taught by their art teacher Alia Schwartz in a 10 week program. The children range in ages 5-12. Alia Schwartz as well will be showing her art in the gallery.

When -Opening reception is 8/17/12 5:00-10:00
other times are by appointment 803 397-7193

The focus was better understanding ourselves as people and thus artists. a dream has to begin to be. We are learning how to value ourselves further and increase the potentialities of our dreams. These dreams are known, and unknown. Creation and creativity as well are known and unknown. The children with great vigor devoured these lessons and created many substantial works of art. Many of the projects are based in a collaborative effort. Working with one another to create and change matter has a greater effect than working  alone. When we realize our talents and can combine them with others talents, changes are possible. Progress is possible. Social change is necessary now. Social engagement is vital to this change. The endeavor of DREAM BIG! is just that. An opportunity for change, communication, and connections.

Contact Info:
Alia Schwartz
(803) 397-7193

Friday, August 3, 2012

Gallery 80808 Event: Burnt Skies / Jim Lalumondier / August 9th - 14th

Burnt Skies / Jim Lalumondier
August 9th - 14th

Reception:  Thursday, August 9th - 6:00pm-9:00pm

Description:  The show will be landscapes (Low Country Marshes) created on found wood, painted with acrylic, and color atlered by torch.  Found wood pallets are used for obvious pun relationship to the artist palette.  The marsh scene is used as it is where I believe my close friend Cely Davis has found her Heaven.  Cely past 6 years ago from breast cancer.  Fire from the torch is used to alter color and texture.  this is to represent caurterizing used in surgery, and it deals with the metaphoric image of a phoenix - rising from the ashes.  In addition, a preview of my next show will be displayed.  Three images from the upcoming nude series Phoenix Figures will be displayed as the preview.
As usual, a portion of the procedes go to the Share Our Suzy foundation, which supports people in their battle against breast cancer.
Contact:  Jim Lalumondier  803-767-2774,