Tuesday, September 27, 2011


An Exhibition of Clay Sculptures by Columbia Artists,
Sandra Carr , Rita Ruth Cockrell and Richard  Lund.
September 29 - October 3, 2011
80808 Gallery 
808 Lady Street, Columbia, SC 29201-3104
Opening Reception
Friday Sept. 30, 2011
Meet the Artists 6-9 pm 
Gallery Hours:
Thurs. Sept. 29,  10-5pm
Fri. Sept 30,        10-4pm
Sat. Oct. 1,         12-4pm
Sun. Oct 2,         12-4pm
Mon. Oct 3,         10-5pm 
If you have any question please call 
Richard Lund   954-812-8342  or  Sandra Carr   803-665-6255  
The Carolinas have a long history and tradition of artists who work with clay. 
This exhibition Clay Works 2011 features three contemporary artists who live and work in South Carolina: 
Sandra Carr 
Rita Ruth Cockrell  
Richard  Lund. 
Each of the artists use clay as a sculpting medium.  Rather  than make functional pieces, they use clay as a medium for personal expression. Each has a distinctive style.  They create sculptures  with conceptual meaning, taking the viewer past the decorative to a more emotional experience.
Artist Statements:
Sandra Carr 
Clay represents healing for me as an artist. It has been forgiving, stable and has the capacity to change when altered by outside influences. All characteristics I admire and strive for. Sculpting figurative pieces allows me to tell a story in my work or communicate a feeling. It speaks for me when I choose not to.    
Rita Ruth Cockrell
Born and raised in South Carolina, I love this place, every road side weed, every red clay road, leopard clay bank, shadow of white sand. After traumatic event with myself, my mother and authorities, I began working in any medium that came  my way, always going toward the inside to go outside. Believing that if I can be good enough, some aspect of truth or beauty would help me understand that even if I can't get there, the glimmering of the source comforts me. 
Richard  Lund
I moved to Columbia South Carolina three and a half years ago. Shortly after I arrived I joined the City of Columbia Arts Center studio which began my working with clay. I have been an artist many years creating paintings, photographs and sculptures but clay was a new exciting medium for me. Sculpting in air dry clay offers me a seductive tactile experience that other mediums can not give. As I mold, move and pinch the clay with my hands it allows  me to  easily release my ever changing  imagination and ideas realizing them in three dimensions.  

Friday, September 9, 2011


The Resident Artists of Vista Studios will exhibit their work from Sept 12 - 27.  Hope you can come by and check it out.

Whirling Dervish
Black Chlorite


Lemon, 5x7, oil, $250

"Fishy Trio"